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Ep. 124 - Finding Connection, Exploration, and Empowerment Through Retreats with Adzenture Retreats

In this episode of Yoga Magic, Ashley is joined by Azma and Daniela of Adzenture Retreats to discuss retreats rooted in self-care. Adzenture Retreat experiences allow individuals to connect and explore with others, discover new cultures and surroundings, and come together in a safe space for you to get out of your comfort zone and find inner strength. With love at the core, they believe in creating inclusive and accessible retreat experiences for everyone – no matter your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability.

Ashley, Azma, and Daniela discuss how Adzenture Retreats came to be and the intention behind the business, why inclusivity and diversity has been at the forefront of their offerings from the beginning, how they focus on their own self care while holding space for others through their retreats, working with a variety of different teachers and how they combine the zen aspect while also adventuring, what to consider when looking into and choosing a specific retreat, and a whole lot more!

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