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Ep. 126 - Crystals, Manifestation, and Wearing Magic with Jordyn Diorio of Mend Jewelry

Ashley is joined by fiery entrepreneur, passionate business consultant, and expert manifestor Jordyn Diorio. Jordyn is also a lively designer and believes success is a mix of working hard, empowering those around her and cracking jokes along the way. Her love for simplistically designed jewelry paired with her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the creation of MEND Jewelry in 2017. Since the launch of her brand, she’s caught the attention of venture capitalists (receiving enough to quit her job in tech), sold online at, launched a holiday store at the Mall of America and won several awards.

Ashley and Jordyn discuss her manifestation and visualization process that earned her a six figure check and allowed her to leave her job to run her own company, the importance of taking Inspired action, the inspiration behind MEND and incorporating gemstones, the power of negotiation, adding personalization to your self-care practices, being conscious in our consumption and reconciling where we put our dollars, and how she allows her own self-care practice to change and evolve.

Jordyn wants to blaze the trail for young women who aspire to run their own companies in the future. She currently lives in Minneapolis and when she’s not full steam ahead on MEND, she mentors students at the University of Minnesota, consults business owners through marketing strategy, project management , and public relations and indulges in macarons and podcasts.

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