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Ep. 127 - Self-Care Challenge: Making Self-Care a Daily Practice through Simple Hacks

All month in honor of the Yoga Magic Self-Care Challenge, you'll be hearing from me on Tuesdays with extra self-care insight. Today - my personal self-care hacks!

In this episode...

  • 20 simple systems for ensuring self-care happens

  • How to get involved in the Self-Care Challenge if you're not already!

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Get Your ‘Guide to Self-Care for Manifestation’

Work with Ashley:

Book a 1:1 Cosmic Self-Care Session with Ashley | Learn how to use your astrological birth chart to personalize your self-care routines, rituals and practices.

Book a Birth Chart Reading with Ashley | Learn about the key components of your natal chart and how you can work with the energy in your life today during this 30 minute reading.


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