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Ep. 130 -Re-Air: How to Start Manifesting with Heather Whitaker of To Be Magnetic

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"When you learn to trust yourself, you also learn to trust the Universe."

This episode was first aired on February 18, 2021. Ashley is joined by Heather Whitaker to talk all about the magic of manifestation.

After experiencing a traumatic life event, Heather began the work of both healing and manifesting. While attending a To Be Magnetic speaking tour event in LA, she was chosen at random to share her transformational manifestation journey on stage which ultimately led to becoming a TBM coach. The most important changes she’s experienced along the way are getting out of low self worth and deep lack mentality from childhood, and into a state of true deservingness.

Heather found her niche in customizing the TBM work based on clients’ individual blocks, personalities, and schedules. She specializes in helping clients find creative ways to maintain magnetism in day-to-day life, while creating a tailored manifestation practice to fit your life and learning style. This allows clients to dig more deeply into the work with newfound motivation and magnetism. Because Heather unblocked her own lack mentality, she offers a powerful perspective for how to shift out blocks related to finances and career.

In this episode Heather discusses her personal journey and finding her way onto the TBM team, understanding shadow work, shame, and unblocking, how to differentiate between tests and true manifestations (and why you can’t fail tests), manifesting while working through trauma, fast tracking the manifestation process, and exactly how she works with her clients and brings her own unique coaching style to the TBM framework.

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