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Ep. 133 -How To Use Astrology to Parent Your Kids and Yourself with Tara Vogel of Luminary Parenting

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It's a beautiful gift when we can hold space for our kids to be who they are, which is shown by their natal chart."

On episode 133 of Yoga Magic, Ashley is joined by Tara Vogel to discuss all things astrology and parenting. Tara is a certified astrologer and professional coach for mindful moms and she’s passionate about helping moms stay connected to their kids and themselves via the cosmos. She loves to dive deeply with her clients and believes that understanding the astrological natal chart is one of the greatest tools we have for developing compassion for ourselves and others. She helps parents gain clarity, understanding, and answers so they can support their kids on their unique path and at the same time, stay true to their own.

Ashley and Tara discuss how her daughters health as an infant and seeing an astrologer began her own journey as an astrologer as well as brought so much more peace to her life, accessible and easy ways to learn astrology, how parents can use natal charts as a parenting tool, duality and curiousness in parenting, self-care and daily rituals as a parent, and more.

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