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Ep. 134 -Why Your Partner is the Best Mirror for Your Personal Growth Path with the Yoga Couple

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"Your partner is the perfect recipe to trigger anything and everything you still need to heal."

If you’re new to the spiritual space, it sometimes feels like more often than not spiritual practitioners are talking about the inner work and changing your life amongst other concepts that can seem so elusive. But how do you actually do the inner work and optimize your life to make the most of it? Matt and Ash aka The Yoga Couple join Ashley on Yoga Magic and go in depth on the practical and tactical steps to spiritualizing all aspects of your life and how to actually do ‘the work’. They discuss the wild manifestation of how they met, how your partner can show you where you have continued growth in your life (aka your triggers), being a mirror of your partner, their latest book, and a whole lot more.

Mat and Ash have an online community of 500K+, are authors of The Inner Work, hosts of The Inner Work podcast, founders of Sacred Yoga Institute and holistic healers. They offer one-on-one holistic counseling programs, challenges and immersions, destination retreats, and an in depth yoga teacher training program.

This episode goes into several topics around healing and includes conversation around the psychology of healing and yoga philosophy, measuring time in breaths and the real reason breathwork is so powerful, self-reflection and identifying patterns within ourselves, letting to of expectations and leading by example, the inner workings of yoga practice and why it’s so much more than a fitness class, the importance of nature, hobbies, and getting back to gratitude and truth.

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