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Ep. 136 -Grounding Energy Practices You Can Start Today with Cassie Uhl

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It's ok to take a break from growth.

Self-care doesn’t always take extra resources or financial means to make a difference. Nature, meditation, and energy work are all things available to each of us and can create a world of difference with just a little commitment and effort. This week, Ashley is joined by published author, artist, intuitive, and founder of Zenned Out, Cassie Uhl. Cassie is on a mission to help others understand and live spiritual practices that can change the world.

Ashley and Cassie discuss her path to energy work and the role her grandmother played in it, the simplest things we can do for our energy that can have the most impact, aligning with the seasons and why it’s important to honor all of them, aura layers, chakras, and the energy centers of our bodies, energetic protection tools, death work, and a whole lot more!

Cassie’s work focuses on energy work, journeying, mediumship, death midwifery, and healing through traditional Celtic shamanic practices under the mentorship of Robin Afinowich.

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