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Ep. 139 - Parenting Hacks to Free Up More Time For Yourself with Tracy Grewe of Nurture Newbies

This week Ashley is joined by a mom of three, certified in infant and toddler development with 20+ years of experience in owning a Montessori school and teaching parenting classes, Tracy Grewe. Tracy is passionate about helping new parents fill their parenting toolbox and feel confident in the decisions they make as parents.

She created Nurture Newbies, a digital resource for parents containing all of her knowledge and experience from over 20 years which gives children more involvement in household activities, setting them up for success and allowing parents to carve out more time for self-care.

Ashley and Tracy discuss the tangible ways to get in self-care as a parent and free up time, finding age-appropriate ways to involve your kids in household tasks such as laundry and dinner prep, decreasing stress as a parent, the importance of language for childhood development, material versus experience, how Nurture Newbies came about, and so much more. If you’re a parent, soon-to-be parent, or plan-to-be parent, there is most certainly something in this episode for you!

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