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Ep. 142 - How to Use Human Design to Understand Your Personal Gifts & Soul Contract with Nadia Last

"Your purpose is more of an embodiment of who you're here to be. And human design can get very specific about the gifts you're meant to lean into in order to embody that. "

On episode 142 of Yoga Magic, Ashley is joined by intuitive, human design expert, and The Current podcast host, Nadia Last to discuss soul contracts and using human design as a way to understand your personal gifts. Nadia’s life has been a series of emotional initiations and helping others navigate their own. After she began sitting with herself with nowhere to go and nowhere to be, she was able to clear the debris in her system and started to hear her own inner wisdom. During this time of reflection she found Human Design. Since this time she has led transformational work through 1:1 mentorship, group work, HD readings, and community healing events.

Ashley and Nadia discuss the importance in understanding your own intuitive gifts to live a fulfilling life, soul contracts and understanding what you came here to do, how human design can show you your personal gifts, soulgazing and other ways in which we can see into ourselves, brain drain journaling, human design readings, self-nurturing and a whole lot more.

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