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Ep. 145 - Forging a Path of Joy, Travel and Living WILD with Mollie Krengel of Wild Hive

“I’m never more alive or energized than when I’m in a new place.”

Today on Yoga Magic, Ashley sits down with entrepreneur Mollie Kregnel. For Mollie Krengel, living with more meaning is not only a passion, she has made it her life’s work. Applying her degree in Human Biology, certificate in Positive Psychology and lifelong practice of dance, Krengel founded a grassroots and growing community called Wildhive in 2015. A collection of mini adventures that unite community and bring play back into people’s lives. Wildhive evolved into annual women’s philanthropic adventures, combining the magic of travel, dance and meaningful volunteer work abroad.

Never more energized than when she travels, Krengel believes in the physiological, physical and mental benefits of travel. Krengel has a deep yearning to encourage everyone to experience its life-changing ways.

In this episode we discuss....

  • Astrological updates - Virgo new Moon on Friday, March 18

  • What Mollie does when she feels challenged as an entrepreneur and a parent

  • Her story of following joy that that ultimately led to her business!

  • What Wild Hive is and how helps women find their inner child

  • The importance of following individual passions rather than just doing what society tells us we should do

  • Mollie’s personal self-care practices (hint - take yourself on a date!)

  • How travel can be a priority if you make it

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