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Ep. 147 - Cultivating Confidence Through Self-Care Practices with Ava Johanna

"The practice is going to look different every time because we are dynamic beings and we need different practices for different experiences."

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On this week's episode of Yoga Magic, Ashley sits down with spiritual teacher Ava Johanna. Ava is the founder and visionary behind The Academy of Breath, an international breathwork and meditation school focused on making these ancient embodiment practices household tools across the globe.

Having worked with top wellness brands like Alo Yoga, Mindbodygreen and Yoga Journal, Ava’s mission is to bridge the gap between modern neuroscience and mysticism so breathwork and meditation are made accessible to everyone from high-level executives to stay-at-home parents.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Ava's childhood challenges and how it shaped her path today

  • The power of breathwork and how to use it as a part of daily practice

  • It is possible to get "better" at breathwork overtime?

  • Where to start in any breathwork practice

  • The balance of spirituality and embodiment

  • Exploring personal pleasure

  • Ava’s 12-week breathwork and meditation certification The Academy of Breath

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