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Choosing Joy Over Cultural Expectation: The Spiritual Journey of Solo Parenting with Julia Karol

“We are all worthy of love, and we are worthy of a family. We just don't always get to have it in the way society tells us we should have it."

Ashley sits down with friend and fellow podcaster Julia Karol. Julia is building a family.

Along the way, she is asking anyone and everyone about how they came to make the decisions they did regarding family life.

On her podcast Stork'd, she's opening up an honest, funny, raw, and earnest conversation looking at what creating a family really means and how it might show up differently than expected.

Julia herself has created a family in a non-traditional way as a solo parent. While fiercely rooted in her spiritual practice, intuitive guidance and dedication to her own joy, she manifested her son through IUI.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Julia’s path to parenthood, her decision to freeze her eggs and ultimately become a solo parent

  • The fear, envy and pain of fertility struggles

  • Her spiritual journey as an individual leading into motherhood

  • Her experience with an at home insemination kit while fertility clinics were closed during covid

  • The self-care practices she’s leaning into as a new mom

  • Her beautiful podcast Stork'd and the many different types of families

Also included are Ashley's favorite self-care tools and products linked HERE.

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