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How Crystals Actually Work with Author and Psychic Medium Karen Frazier

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

We all love crystals, but how do they actually work? Author and Psychic Medium Karen Frazier is on the pod to share the science behind crystals, psychic gifts, working with energy and so much more. Karen writes and teaches about spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal, & vibrational (energy) healing, exploring topics such as dream interpretation, metaphysics, alchemy, energy healing, crystals, psychic phenomena, and the survival of consciousness after death. Her latest book The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities: A Practical Guide to Developing Your Intuition is a must read.

In this episode we discuss...

  • How to prepare for the upcoming eclipse season

  • Ashley's everyday crystal practices

  • Karen's path to psychic work

  • Why some spirits decide to stick around

  • Psychic gifts and how they present

  • The science of crystals and how they actually work

  • How to cleanse your crystals

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Book a Joint Astrology and Human Design Reading with Ashley & Sarah Leverett | During these 1 hour joint readings, Sarah will cover the basics of your Human Design chart including type, strategy, & authority. Then, Ashley will cover the key components of your natal chart & how you can work with the energy of your chart in your life today.

Book a 1:1 Cosmic Self-Care Session with Ashley | Learn how to use your astrological birth chart to personalize your self-care routines, rituals and practices with this 60 minute session and customized self-care plan.

Book a Birth Chart Reading with Ashley | Learn about the key components of your natal chart and how you can work with the energy in your life today during this 30 minute reading.

Upcoming Yoga Magic Events

UPDATED DATE: Live Yoga Magic Podcast Event at the Neu Neu | 5/25 7:00 PM CT | Join Ashley and podcast fan favorites Jina Seavall, Kelly Smith and Meredith McCowan for a live podcast conversation. Stick around for a restorative sound bath and tons of great giveaways.

Working with Animal Messengers with Sarah Leverett | 5/18 7:00 PM CT | Zoom | In this workshop, Sarah will guide us through intuitively working with Animal Messengers. There will be a quick overview of what Animal Messengers are, how they may show up for you, etc. Then, we will explore Divine animal energy by using oracle cards, guided meditation, and journaling to channel messages.

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