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The Aura Colors of Your Birth Chart with KJ Atlas

"This is what you are when you are living your highest alignment, when you are thriving, doing what you want to do....that's what you look like."

When we're living the highest expression of our birth chart, we emit the most amazing color and light. Today on Yoga Magic, Astrologer and Artist KJ Atlas breaks down what the colors of your birth chart are through her amazing Aura Art. KJ is a modern lifestyle mystic with a deep connection to the tangible earth and the sky above. She is primarily an astrologer but her practice is informed with her background in science, psychology, and alternative health. She also has the gift of synesthesia, which allows her read your chart and experience it as a wide array of colors that can be translated into easy, practical language and lifestyle tips that you can integrate at your pleasure. She believes that astrology should be easy and useful!

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In this episode we discuss…

  • Synesthesia and how that presents for KJ

  • The creation of Aura art and it's relationship to the energy body and birth chart

  • Our senses and their connections back to memories

  • Bringing our Aura's luster back

  • The compatibility and beauty of opposites int he birth chart

  • Astrological events were looking forward to in the remaining of 2022.

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  • Working with Animal Messengers with Sarah Leverett | 5/18 7:00 PM CT | Zoom | In this workshop, Sarah will guide us through intuitively working with Animal Messengers. There will be a quick overview of what Animal Messengers are, how they may show up for you, etc. Then, we will explore Divine animal energy by using oracle cards, guided meditation, and journaling to channel messages.

  • Live Yoga Magic Podcast Event at the Neu Neu | 5/25 7:00 PM CT | Join Ashley and podcast fan favorites Jina Seavall, Kelly Smith and Meredith McCowan for a live podcast conversation. Stick around for a restorative sound bath and tons of great giveaways.


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