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How to Live A Pleasure-Focused Life with Intimacy Coach Aimee Batuski

With the North Node in Taurus, we're all being called to understand our relationship to pleasure. This episode that originally aired back in October of 2020 is the perfect conversation to highlight our relationship with pleasure. Intimacy Coach and co-founder of Desire on Fire, Aimee Batuski, shares her insights into our true relationship with pleasure and why it can be hard to access.

In this episode we discuss…

  • Aimee's pleasure filled life living in Bali

  • The connection of pleasure to magnetism

  • Getting free with what we actually WANT in the bedroom and in real life.

  • Why we are conditioned to lie about what we actually want

  • Meeting other people’s desires with approval, even when you don’t agree.

  • How to you determine your true desires

If you'd like to work with Aimee and Desire on Fire, Join them (and 300+ women!) in-person at the Desire on Fire Experience event, October 1-2 in Southern California! Code: DESIRE for $500 off the regular ticket price!

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