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Reducing Stress and Taking Yoga Off the Mat with Erika Belanger

For so many of us, yoga started simply as a physical practice and then evolved into so much more. Today's guest Erika Belanger, host of the podcast On and Off Your Mat, discusses the many ways yoga translates to our everyday life.

Erika is a yoga teacher, the host of the On & Off Your Mat Podcast, and a stress coach. Being a teacher is part of who she is, and she uses yoga, podcasting, and life coaching as different entry points all aiming to help her students and clients move from surviving to thriving. Her radiant spirit and engaging sense of humor create light-hearted practices focused on awareness, intentional movement, and self-care. She empowers her students and clients to awaken to themselves, become embodied, and build the life of their dreams.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Moving to a tropical location and the impact of sun exposure on health

  • Erika's journey of belonging and getting unnumbed through yoga

  • Building self awareness through yoga

  • The importance of consistency in a yoga practice

  • Tips for stress reduction including prepping for restorative sleep

  • Tips for avoiding overwhelm with self-care practices

  • Erika's learnings from airing over 130 podcast episodes

Check out Erika's work with this free stress reduction downloadable or this self-care mini quiz.

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