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Practical Intuition, Staying Present & Predicting the Future with Psychic Laura Day

I had the honor of sitting down with world-renowned psychic, author and teacher Laura Day. To say I’m a fan girl would be an understatement. Laura has worked with major companies, huge celebrities, and has even been featured on Oprah. In our conversation, we discuss Laura’s captivating life story and the struggles along her way to healing others. She shares specific practices to help you improve your intuition and start predicting the future. REALLY!

This is an episode you’ll want to sit down and take notes!

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Let's Work Together:

  • Book a Joint Astrology and Human Design Reading with Ashley & Sarah Leverett | During these 1 hour joint readings, Sarah will cover the basics of your Human Design chart including type, strategy, & authority. Then, Ashley will cover the key components of your natal chart & how you can work with the energy of your chart in your life today.

  • Book a 1:1 Cosmic Self-Care Session with Ashley | Learn how to use your astrological birth chart to personalize your self-care routines, rituals and practices with this 60 minute session and customized self-care plan.

  • Book a Birth Chart Reading with Ashley | Learn about the key components of your natal chart and how you can work with the energy in your life today during this 30 minute reading.


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