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Tips to Romanticize Your Life & Attract Your Ideal Partner: The Venus Signs Explained

In this episode we discuss...

ROMANTICIZE YOUR LIFE // Alright. We’ve all seen the tik toks but what the heck does it mean to romanticize your life? In fact, what that looks like might be different from person to person!

Wanna know where this shows up in the birth chart? 💕VENUS💕.

By understanding the sign your Venus is in, you’re able to understand what you value, who you’re attracted to, and how you can adjust your daily rituals to bring more romanticism to your life. Doesn’t matter if you’re single, longtime married or none of the above. Including the things that you value in your day to day will make you more magnetic to all the things you’re working on attracting.

In this episode we discuss...

  • The planet Venus in the birth chart and it's connection to what we value

  • How Venus expresses itself in the 12 signs and what that means about what you're attracted to

  • Simple ways you can romanticize your life and attract your ideal partner (or whatever else you're manifesting) through daily routines

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