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5 Cleansing Practices for the Virgo Full Moon

Spring cleaning sounds so fun in theory, but in practice, it's exhausting! What if you could spring clean your whole life and actually feel energized? It's time for the Virgo Full Moon!

Virgo energy is all about cleansing, health, wellness, daily rituals, and *surprise* self-care! If you've been feeling the urge to set some simple yet effective boundaries with friends or want to cleanse your house of negativity, it's time to lean into those intuitive hits!

Check out the self-care tip of the month below for 5 of my favorite cleansing practices just in time for Friday's full moon. No mop required.

Want to know what I'm cleansing? Check out last week's episode of Yoga Magic on self-care spring cleaning and the significance of Venus in your birth chart.

This week on Yoga Magic, I sit down with the very cool Mollie Krengel to talk about her joy creation Wild Hive. Imagine meeting your girlfriends in an abandoned parking ramp for a loud booty-shaking party. Yep. It's real. Wild Hive is an amalgamation of freedom, joy and tapping into that inner child. In this episode, Mollie shares how following her joy ultimately led to her business(es), how travel can be a priority if you make it, balancing entrepreneurship as a mother of three, and the importance of pursuing individual passions rather than just doing what society tells us to. Check out the episode here and if you're in the Twin Cities, come experience a Wild Hive event in person!

The Virgo Full Moon happens on Friday, March 18 at 2:18 PM. As with any full moon, this phase is about cleansing the things that no longer serve you. With the detailed and organized energy of Virgo, now is a great time to evaluate the clutter in your life - events, people, things. Check out my favorite cleansing practices below.

  • Pick a day once a week to cleanse your physical space of unnecessary negative energy. You can work with burnables such as palo santo or sage, florida water, or even sound cleasning with bells or singing bowls.

  • Evaluate your calendar and remove things that don't bring you joy. If it's a work event or something you absolutely must attend, brainstorm how you can make it more joyful!

  • Cleanse your own energetic field daily with a himalayan salt bath or a body wipe down with a handful of salt. Flush that salt in the toilet when you're done!

  • Spend some time cleansing your social media and digital spaces. Unfollow people that you no longer connect with. Clean off your digital desktop and update your background picture to something that makes you smile. Delete phone apps that suck your energy and time.

  • Declutter your closet to avoid decision fatigue each morning. Pick out your favorite pieces that you know you will wear and cleanse the rest. Have some clothing separation anxiety? Instead of completely getting rid of said items, put them in a box for a month and see if you miss it.


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