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"I am a social worker who is always on the look out for new self care regimens.  I took the leap and booked a astrology 1:1 self care session with Ashley.  Not only did Ashley have a plan prepared and tailored just for me, she also walked me through it step by step! Even recording the session so I could sit back listen and enjoy and take notes later, Genius! Since completing my 1:1 cosmic self care session I have been diligently applying these techniques to my self care practices daily.  Self care  is so crucial for my mental health and well being and Ashley knocked It out of the ball park for me. I highly recommend Ashley!" // Tami, Cosmic Self-Care 1:1 Client

"Ashley Sondergaard is simply the best. She cares so deeply for her clients and works hard to enable them to become better versions of themselves. She has an uncanny ability to relate not only to all types of people but also to provide relatable, digestible content that can benefit all aspects of your life. I am continually impressed with the new ideas and content she brings forward and shares with the world. Invest in this program and invest in yourself... you won't regret it! " // Brooke, Cosmic Self-Care 1:1 Client

"Working 1:1 with Ashley was such a great experience! She helped me to uncover self-care techniques, unique to my birth chart, that are tangible and could be applied to my daily life. This allowed me to experience growth in my life that was seemingly unimaginable..."  Kaitlyn, Self-Care Mentorship Client

" was magical, fun and all around JOYFUL"

Today Derek and I had the absolute joy of having a private yoga session with Ashley (hello, Hanukkah present) - and it was magical fun and all around JOYFUL - all of the things I want more of in 2020. You have to go check her our and experience it for yourself, everyone deserves to feel the gift of movement our bodies can give us! // - Gabrielle, Couples Yoga Client

"...I highly recommend this podcast to all women in all stages of life."

Her passion for helping others and cultivating wellness is evident in her podcast but also in her yoga classes, events and other work she does. Ashley is 100% relatable and genuine! I highly recommend this podcast to all women in all stages of life. // -Sherry J L, Podcast Listener

"...much-needed chance to reflect, slow down and enjoy breathing with all of my favorite people in the same place!"


"As I looked toward my bachelorette party girl’s weekend at a cabin, I wondered about connecting 20 ladies from various stages of my life and bringing them together for the celebration.  Would they all get along?  What were some activities that I could plan that would get everyone involved, talking and laughing together even without knowing each other well?  Ashley’s Yoga Flow was the perfect answer to all of my questions!  Ashley created a playlist based on my favorite music, we spread out in the cabin we rented in Northern Wisconsin and we all flowed through a yoga sweat session together after brunch on a sunny morning during our first day together.  It was the best way to bring everyone together in an activity that was fun, invigorating, and social and didn’t require any extra equipment or skill.  I had so many compliments on that segment of my bachelorette party and Ashley’s professionalism, personal touch on the playlist and modifications for the large group made it my favorite part of the girl’s weekend together.  Even my girlfriends that told me they “weren’t interested” weeks before the weekend participated and had a blast!  My friends got to spend an hour focusing on upbeat music, laughing and sweating together and came out of it closer and loosened up for a day of fun.  Ashley's yoga flow remains one of my very favorite memories from the flurry and busy excitement before my wedding and gave me a much-needed chance to reflect, slow down and enjoy breathing with all of my favorite people in the same place! "  // -Eleanor, Private Class Client

"...I will forever cherish my morning yoga, meditation and  bonding with my sister friends on my wedding day! "

It was hard to imagine how my wedding day would unfold. I had put so much time and effort into one single day. I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to start my day with Ashley. I knew it would be a stressful day no matter how I prepared. The thought of taking an hour right in the morning to relax, reflect, and connect with all my closest ladies sounded like the perfect way to start the longest, most beautiful day of my life to date.

Ashley led us through a small meditation and helped set everyone’s intentions, not just for the yoga or that morning, but for the day. It helped calm me and prepare, understand that today things might not go as planned, but no matter what it would be it’ll be and it would be beautiful. My word that morning was “breathe”. I used it throughout that entire day during stress, hecticness, nervousness, and excitement. Let’s be honest, it’s helped me since then too. I will forever cherish my morning yoga, meditation and bonding with my sister friends on my wedding day!!   // -Casey, Private Class Client

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