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Self-care is not selfish

Copy of Self-Care Mentorship

Learn the art and discipline of self-care with the Self-Care Mentorship. We start on April 12!

Self-Care Mentorship

The Self-Care Mentorship: All Access  is a 8-week personalized program to deep dive into your current self-care routines and make them meaningful, sustainable, and efficient. Here's what it includes...


  • An initial  1:1 video call to establish goals and desires for the program

  • 3 60-minute 1:1 video calls discussing topics such as rituals, astrology, boundaries, stress and more

  • An online group meeting to gather self-care ideas from others in the program

  • Downloadable meditations and mini lessons

  • Access to more than 40 online yoga classes

  • Access to 3 workshop replays: Self-Care for the Signs, The Magic of Your Gifts, and Your Magical Moon

  • Self-care guides

  • Weekly support emails

  • Free and discounted tickets for upcoming special events & workshops


In this program we will...

-Explore your self-care desires 

-Use your astrological chart to understand your motivations and challenges

-Establish 'wants' vs. 'shoulds' 

-Develop your team of healers and helpers

-Identify everyday routines that can be turned into magical rituals

-Craft a game plan to bring your self-care plan into action that LASTS!

This bundle is a value of $620 for only $249. 

By purchasing the mentorship program and scheduling your first session, you are committing to 5 sessions of learning, growth and self-love.  4 personalized 1:1 sessions with Ashley will scheduled via Zoom upon enrolling. Additionally, there will be one group Zoom call to gather ideas from others in the mentorship program. 

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