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Daily Manifestation Practices with Dheandra Nicolette

There are times when I feel like manifestation slows down - and then I start to panic. Am I calling in the right thing? Am I out of alignment? Or is the thing perhaps on the way, and I just have to be patient! On this episode of Yoga Magic, Spiritual Leader and host of the wildly popular podcast Manifest Daily, Dheandra Nicolette is breaking down the day to day practices to make manifestation easier for all of us!

Dheandra Nicolette is a content creator and spiritual leader whose purpose in this life is to help other souls return to their highest self, so they can live their best life. Each week on her podcast, Manifest Daily, she shares her personal experiences with manifestation, spiritual laws, and the trials of everyday life. No stranger to topics such as manifestation, scripting, quantum shifting, the Akashic records and so much more, Dheandra has found that by sharing her unique perspective she’s able to peel back the layers of societal masking in order to return to her authentic self while encouraging listeners to do the same.

In this episode we discuss…

  • How manifestation practices can change over time

  • Dheandra's specific manifestation tools and practices she uses every day

  • The importance of listening to intuition over fear

  • Dheandra's success stories in manifestation

  • What to do when manifestations aren’t coming throughLearn more:

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