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Discover Your Animal Messenger with Sarah Leverett

Are you someone who feels a strong bond to a specific animal? Maybe you've always been drawn to eagle energy but you're not sure why. Well this episode is for you! Today, Sarah Leverett back on the pod. Sarah is the Creatrix of Intuitive Empowerment where she guides you back to the power of your intuition through hypnosis, readings, & 1:1 mentorship. She is a teacher, speaker, & writer who loves to explore the intersection of spirituality & practicality.

In this episode we discuss...

  • How and when Sarah started working with animal messengers

  • How we can connect with animal messengers and other spirit guides

  • Ashley’s experience with the vision of a bee and Sarah’s interpretation of it’s meaning

  • Following your spiritual and cultural roots as a path to spiritual self-care

  • Joint Astrology and Human Design readings with Ashley and Sarah

Learn more:

Follow Sarah on Instagram: @intuitive.empowerment

Learn more about Sarah and her services:

Follow along on Instagram: @yogamagicpodcast and @ashley.sondergaard

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Let's Work Together:

Book a Joint Astrology and Human Design Reading with Ashley & Sarah Leverett | During these 1 hour joint readings, Sarah will cover the basics of your Human Design chart including type, strategy, & authority. Then, Ashley will cover the key components of your natal chart & how you can work with the energy of your chart in your life today.

Book a 1:1 Cosmic Self-Care Session with Ashley | Learn how to use your astrological birth chart to personalize your self-care routines, rituals and practices with this 60 minute session and customized self-care plan.

Book a Birth Chart Reading with Ashley | Learn about the key components of your natal chart and how you can work with the energy in your life today during this 30 minute reading.

Upcoming Yoga Magic Events

Working with Animal Messengers with Sarah Leverett | 5/18 7:00 PM CT | Zoom | In this workshop, Sarah will guide us through intuitively working with Animal Messengers. There will be a quick overview of what Animal Messengers are, how they may show up for you, etc. Then, we will explore Divine animal energy by using oracle cards, guided meditation, and journaling to channel messages.

Live Yoga Magic Podcast Event at the Neu Neu | 5/25 7:00 PM CT | Join Ashley and podcast fan favorites Jina Seavall, Kelly Smith and Meredith McCowan for a live podcast conversation. Stick around for a restorative sound bath and tons of great giveaways.

Episode Transcript

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