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Flower Essences, Cacao, Herbal Remedies and More with Jodi McKee

Reair from May 2020. Are you curious about the healing magic of the plants and flowers around you? Jodi McKee, the founder of Jewelweed in Wayzata, MN shares her expertise! From sacred cacao to flower essences, these self-care tools may be just what you're looking for....

Jodi McKee is a healer, medicine woman, and entrepreneur. Her wish is that we learn to take back what we have given to others; sovereignty over our bodies and health. That every home has a healer and that this knowledge is honored, built upon and passed down. That we nurture our connection to the earth and one another. And that this brings us all greater health and wellbeing. Jodi opened the shop of her dreams, Jewelweed, and shares her wealth of knowledge on the tools she offers in her store.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Healing her family with herbs and opening her store

  • What is an herbal remedy vs a flower essence

  • How to choose your crystals (and how Jodi sources them!)

  • Using cacao for heart opening, daily rituals and special ceremonies

  • CBD navigation and using it as a tool rather than a cure all

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