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Styling Your Energy with Crystals & Intuitive Practices with Colleen McCann of Style Rituals

So many of us are intuitive, but often we're told these gifts are weird and not natural! Today's guest, Colleen McCann, had a long journey of self discovery before she finally shared her gifts with the world! Colleen McCann is here to be your personal energy stylist. She created Style Rituals to be a fun, sublime and practical experience to get grounded, heal issues, practice self-care, build better boundaries, tap into your intuition & more. After straddling the fashion & wellness industries for the last 20 years she developed my own brand of glamour magic by blending her experiences as a designer, stylist, brand consultant, healer, mentor, teacher, coach, author and a serial entrepreneur.

In this episode we discuss...

  • Colleen's career in the fashion industry and her resistance to moving into intuitive work

  • How she predicted and won the lottery as a 9-year old

  • How her work started to take off once she shared her gifts with others

  • Ways to get curious and follow your intuitive hits

  • Crystals suggestions for staying open, for setting boundaries, and for keeping your bra daily

  • Colleen's favorite moon rituals and crystal hygiene practices

  • Her newest service - the monthly energy edit

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