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Ep. 128 - Using Astrology to Discover Your Dream Career with Natalie Walstein of Soulshine Astrology

Ashley is joined by Career Astrologer of Soulshine Astrology, Natalie Walstein. Natalie’s soul mission is to help others expand their cosmic consciousness around life + career, so they can collaborate harmoniously with the universe, and spread more much-needed magic out into the world. Natalie is an eternal seeker herself, obsessed with tapping into the ancient wisdom of astrology to help spiritual entrepreneurs – and creative souls in need of direction – find their calling with the help of the cosmos.

She is one part intuitive astrological counselor + one-part down-to-earth career coach and was born to dive down deep like a mermaid in order to uncover the ancient symbolic wisdom behind your birthday, and then float right back up to the surface to deliver clarifying messages of inspiration and encouragement from the cosmos in order to help you achieve your greatest potential.

Ashley and Natalie discuss how a near death experience led her to astrology and past life wisdom, becoming a self-taught astrology practitioner, finding the balance between head and heart, the “formula” she uses in astrology readings and the main lines she studies, how your rising sign is intertwined to your purpose, why you shouldn’t be deferring your joy, and a whole lot more.

Natalie knows life can be unpredictable but firmly believes the power of astrology should be one of your top tools for tapping into the amazing ancient patterns & symbols to get crystal clear insight into how to navigate life here on earth with more clarity, confidence, ease, flow & enjoyment.

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