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Ep. 131 - Self-Care Challenge: How Self-Care Helps You Manifest

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It is your birthright to live a life of joy.

All month in honor of the Yoga Magic Self-Care Challenge, you'll be hearing from me on Tuesdays with extra self-care insight. Today - how self-care and manifestation are connected!

Tips for Daily Self-Care Practice

Self-care doesn't have to be time consuming, complicated, or even expensive. Daily practices can take as little as 5 minutes. Here are a few quick tips for committing to a daily practice:

  • Set aside a specific time everyday for your self-care practice. Maybe it's the first 10 minutes after you wake up or the final hour before you go to bed. You can switch up the practices themselves but create consistency with the time of day you commit.

  • If you fall off the horse and miss a day, don't beat yourself up. Come back to your practice the next day and don't sweat it!

  • Be ok with letting go of a practice if it's no longer serving you. Self-care is fluid and it shouldn't feel like a chore.

  • Squeeze in simple moments of self-care throughout the day. Some examples include listening to your favorite podcast while you're folding laundry. Jot down the things you're grateful for while you brew your morning coffee.

  • Keep it simple, keep it fun, and feel your life shift.

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