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Ep. 135 - Lunar Nodes and Embracing Luxurious Self-Care

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

"2022 is the year that everything stays the same and yet everything changes."

The lunar nodes have official shifted signs with the North Node moving into the grounded, luxurious and comfy cozy Taurus. In this bonus episode, Ashley shares her knowledge around the lunar nodes changing signs and how that may affect us over the next year and then some.

While this transformation will play out over the next 18th months, you can begin to think about embracing intention, gratitude and luxury in these specific areas of your life (the house in which Taurus lives in your birth chart). Check out your rising sign below to learn more!

Aries Rising - A natural place to focus on luxury is in things that you own. Challenge yourself to slow down and observe what you already own and if those things bring you joy. Purge the possessions that do not! Over the next 18 months, you might consider saving for something special that feels out of range, but with some focused budgeting can be your reality.

Taurus Rising - Learning can be the ultimate luxury. If a subject has sparked your interest, now is the time to invest in that spark. Listen to the podcasts, take the courses, read the books. Nurture your interests and expand your mind. Additionally, communicate to others this commitment to yourself. might even start a podcast about it!?

Gemini Rising - Your home and family can be one of the coziest parts of life, but is there some cleaning house to be done here? Invest in making your home relaxing, aesthetically pleasing, and energetically rejuvenating. You might even consider a move in the next 18 months. Evaluate, declutter and enjoy.

Cancer Rising - Whether you're a romantic relationship or not, your pleasure will be of increased focus over the next year and half. Perhaps pleasure hasn't been something you've thought about much. Now is a great time to invest in learning what brings you pleasure so that you can adequately communicate to your partner now or in the future. Additionally, creativity may feel a surge of abundance between now and next summer.

Leo Rising - One of my favorite places to focus on luxury and gratitude is in that of daily routines, health and wellness. Feeling good isn't a luxury, it's a right. Focus now on establishing a baseline of health and wellness through your daily practices and self-care. Once you've committed to the mindset of prioritzing your own needs, start to program in daily moments of luxury and gratitude. Example: a yummy cup of Matcha that takes a few extra minutes to make but fills you up for the rest of the day.

Virgo Rising - Your partner and close relationships may benefit from serious investment during this time. When is the last time you put your phone down in the evening and had a deep conversation with your spouse? Expand and grow together over the next year and half. On the flip side, perhaps transformation will come in the form of letting go of a partner that doesn't allow for you to feel that sense of gratitude and luxury in your beautiful life.

Libra Rising - The cycles of life bring deep transformation. With each contraction is immense expansion. Over the next year and half, think about where you can slow down, reflect and release any past grief or trauma that you've carried around. Clear energetic space by embracing shadow work, meditation, and energetic protection.

Scorpio Rising - After several years of travel restriction, you may find yourself yearning for a long luxurious vacation. Go for it! If that's not possible, consider where you can create adventure and freedom in your everyday life. Explore your city, try new restaurants or simply meet new people!

Sagittarius Rising - Your career and public roles may be getting a bump of good luck in 2022 and 2023! Taurus encourages us to slow down and see the tangible goodness in our life. How might you embody this in your work? Perhaps its gratitude for beautiful work space or your freedom to work in your jammies at home. All in all, don't rush. Good things come to those who put in the time and the effort.

Capricorn Rising - While you may have felt detached from your friends and community over the last couple years, now is a great time to rekindle those close relationships and spend quality time with your favorite humans. Instead of going for a walk alone, consider inviting a friend you'd like to catch up with. Or just give them a call! Your sense of abundance of joy will be contagious and attract more amazing humans directly to you.

Aquarius Rising - Where you'll see abundance, gratitude and luxury in your life is actually a bit of a mystery. In Astrology, the 12th house is that of hidden areas, retreat, and release. Not so clear cut - BUT - there is definintely a force working behind the scenes to ensure that you feel this tangible goodness over the next year and half. Pay attention to synchronicities and ask your spirit guides for clarity on how you can you call in more luxury and gratitude!

Pisces Rising - When you look good, you feel good. Over the next year and half, you may experience motivation to refine your personal appearance, style, and even personal brand. When you show up energetically confident, you magnetize success and abundance directly to you. Shop your closet, declutter, get a makeover, or simply embrace a feel good workout routine. It's all about you, baby!

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