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Ep. 138 -Let's Keep Self-Discovery Fun with Allix Dawn of My Current Obsession

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

This week, I sit down with Allix Dawn, host of My Current Obsession Podcast. Allix is obsessed with all things health, wellness, spirituality, entrepreneurship & self-development and she believes no-one should settle for a job they don’t love. She’s come to realize that self-discovery is the key to clarity and her mission is to share the people, resources & tools that serve as a catalyst for your own transformation. My Current Obsession is a portal to finding purpose and a space to find alignment, expand your mind, and explore your soul. Allix has been on her own self-discovery journey ever since suffering a debilitating concussion as a college athlete that has since led her through many evolutions of herself. 

We discuss our love of morning routines and some of our favorite morning rituals, self-love practices she loves to do in times of challenge, future journaling and meditations, mastering the art of showing up and consistency, the best way to integrate new habits, what to do with your life when you don’t know what to do, our mutual love for astrology and human design, her upcoming podcast course, and a whole lot more! 

Through Allix’s platform she is right alongside her listeners going through all the struggles of figuring out life. She brings conversations with amazing guests that will help propel you forward with purpose, find aligned success & progress you towards your biggest goals. 

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