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Ep. 146 - How Toxic Positivity May Be Getting In the Way of Your Manifestations with Efia Sulter

"Manifestation should never be ignoring that your {past challenges} exist. It’s about having compassion for yourself in the process. "

On this week's episode of Yoga Magic, Ashley sits down with Mindset & Manifestation Coach Efia Sulter. Efia's helpful perspective sheds light on the tendency to brush over the full gamut of our emotions and force ourself into positivity (a manifestation block) and why leaning into how we truly feel can bring clarity and light to where we have to work.

She reminds us that “manifestation should never be ignoring that your {past challenges} exist. It’s about having compassion for yourself in the process."

In this episode we discuss:

  • Overcoming the narrative that manifestation is for privileged white people

  • Why some manifestations might be slower than we'd like

  • What is toxic positivity?

  • Is it possible to manifest NEGATIVE things?

  • How to align manifestations with your values

  • The action required to see results

To experience Efia's work, check out her free training on the power of the subconscious mind at

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