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The 101 of Postpartum Self-Care with Amanda Radan

“Community doesn’t happen unless you make a request.”

Postpartum may be one of the most important yet overlooked parts of life. For so many mamas, the pressure to get back to "regular life" after such a life altering event can feel unsupportive and even traumatic. In today's episode, I sit down with postpartum herbalist Amanda Radan to discuss the details of postpartum self-care. Amanda's focus is to prepare moms for postpartum and to help them feel vital, balanced, and nourished.

In this episode…

  • Amanda's experience with postpartum depression and postpartum depletion

  • The difference between postpartum depression and baby blues

  • What postpartum depletion is, when it starts and how to prevent it

  • Using herbs to support healing

  • The basics that you’ll need for postpartum if you’re low on funds (and how to support mamas in that position)

  • Amanda’s favorite herbal recipe for everyone!

If you would like to support another mama in need, please check out your local diaper bank or considering making a gift to the Diaper Bank of Minnesota here.

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